The song Hola Hello has easy Spanish words kids can practice with the printable activities.

Mariana Iranzi’s song Hola Hello has easy Spanish words and a bright, upbeat sound, making it an excellent first song for young Spanish learners. Listen to the song below and download two printable activities to use with kids. Many thanks to Mariana for permission to use the lyrics of her song and share the activities here.

Hola Hello is a greeting song to start the day. Singing hola, children greet important elements of their world – cielo, sol, Mamá, Papá, amigos, flor, escuela, etc. These easy Spanish words are good first vocabulary for young learners, and they love the song.

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In addition to easy Spanish words, Hola Hello has a positive message of gratitude. These two lines are sung more slowly: Hola, hola, aquí estás, una vez más para comenzar. Hola, gracias por esta nueva oportunidad. One of the first words children learn is gracias, and this attitude of gratitude is a wonderful way to begin the day.

Listen to the song in the video. Below, you’ll find printable activities to use with young Spanish learners. You can buy Hola Hello on iTunes, Amazon and cd baby.

Hola Hello with Pictures of Easy Spanish Words

I made a lyric sheet with pictures for emerging readers because this song has many useful, easy Spanish words. They can follow along, first listening and then singing. Of course, we also practice the vocabulary with other activities.

Download the Lyric Sheet for Hola Hello with pictures of easy Spanish words.

Children learn easy Spanish words as they sing the song Hola Hello.

Scene of Hola Hello and Easy Spanish Words

I also made a scene with the vocabulary words from the song. We use this once they know the song and have sung it with the lyric sheet.

First, as kids listen and sing, they point to the pictures of the words in the scene. Then, when they are confident with the vocabulary, I ask ¿Dónde está? questions with the picture. We also talk about the picture as they color it. Finally, they can use it to sing the song with their parents at home and show them what they have learned.

Download the scene for Hola Hello.

Kids practice easy Spanish words with this picture based on the song Hola Hello.

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