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A reader recently asked me to share a short, easy poem we recite in my preschool Spanish classes. It is about leaves falling in autumn. I mentioned the poem in this article about teaching a preschool Spanish lesson. I just made it up; it is a very simple little Spanish poem with actions that I call Yo soy un árbol.

I give each of the children two leaves. They can be real leaves, paper, or the artificial ones you get at craft stores. I got artificial fall leaves on sale and took them off the plastic branches. They have lasted for years and the bare branches have come in handy for talking about fall, too.

This is the poem and the actions we do:
Soy un árbol. (Arms out like branches, each child holding 2 leaves.)
Tengo hojas. (Wiggle the leaves.)
Viento, viento, viento (Sway from side to side.)
Una hoja se cae. (Stand still and drop one leaf.)
Viento, viento, viento (Sway from side to side.)
Otra hoja se cae. (Stand still and drop the other leaf.)
Soy un árbol. (Arms still out like branches.)
No tengo hojas.

I’m a tree.
I have leaves.
Wind, wind, wind.
One leaf falls.
Wind, wind, wind.
Another leaf falls.
I’m a tree.
I don’t have leaves.

You can make up simple Spanish poems for kids for any topic. Then add actions to help them understand the words. There are also many traditional short rhymes that work well with kids learning Spanish. Poems, rhymes and songs are the easiest way for children to begin to produce the language. Reciting and singing they use correct structures and learn lots of vocabulary.

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