Easy Spanish activities for kids at a variety of levels.

It’s time for the Friday Five. Use these easy Spanish activities to keep kids engaged with the language over the weekend or during the week ahead.  The activities do not require any preparation and cover a variety of levels. For beginners, try 1 and 3. For kids with more Spanish, try 2 and 4. Activity 5 can be adjusted to different levels based on the vocabulary you choose.

1. This easy Spanish video about means of transportation is perfect for beginners. Watch the video and answer the questions in the second half. Play memory with these cards to reinforce the words in the video.

2. Try these easy Spanish questions based on sets of simple drawings. They have all kinds of vocabulary that kids learning the language will understand in context.  Children with more Spanish can try this set of questions.

3. Sing this easy Spanish song by Spanish Together: ¿Cuántas manzanas hay?  When you know the song, sing it counting real apples.

4. Play this online game to learn opposites and lots of vocabulary. It is from Tu Discovery Kids. There is a street scene, and the game makes a statement about the picture and asks a question with an opposite. For example:
Hay un pájaro negro.
¿Puedes encontrar el pájaro blanco?

The first item is highlighted with a red star, so if you’re not sure of the Spanish words, look for the red star. The question is about a similar object, so look for that object. (It will also be highlighted with a yellow star when you mouse over it or click on it). When you click on the answer, you see the Spanish opposites as a pair and pictures to make the meanings clear. This easy Spanish game is a great way to hear complete, comprehensible  sentences.

5. Do a bean bag toss (bean-filled toy animals work well if you don’t have bean bags). Try to hit words, numbers, letters or pictures. You can use chalk on the driveway, tape down paper with the words, or label boxes or baskets. If you are using pictures, kids can help draw them – another great language activity. You can assign points to the targets or play without keeping score. Just be sure to use the words over and over as you play.  This classic game makes an easy Spanish activity for kids.

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