Five easy Spanish activities to do with children.

Another week is winding down and it’s time for the Friday Five. You can use these easy Spanish activities over the weekend to keep kids learning and having fun with the language. For beginners, try activities 1 and 3. Kids with more Spanish will like activities 2 and 4. Activity 5 is a good review of vocabulary and pronunciation for any level.

1. Read and color these back-to-school pictures to practice the verbs ver and usar, vocabulary related to school supplies, and counting. The pictures from these easy Spanish activities can be used to make mini-books.

2. Watch this one-minute video Doky descubre el desayuno. It has a variety of food vocabulary supported by images.

3. Make one of these activity cubes. Roll the cube and do the actions. Kids practice vocabulary for animals, food, and other themes with these easy Spanish activities.

Easy Spanish activities for kids learning language.

4. Watch and listen to this game with opposites. Try playing with the videos, and then try playing yourself. (The videos have different titles, but it is the same game.) This is one of my favorite easy Spanish activities for practicing opposites.

Conozco un juego
Blanco negro chau

5.  Play this syllable counting game. The PDF has a game board, pictures to cut out and several easy Spanish activities. The instructions for how to play are on the last page of the PDF.

A printable game for practicing Spanish syllables.

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