Easy spanish activities for kids.

It’s Friday and time for the Friday Five. Use these easy Spanish activities with your kids or students. The activities take little or no preparation and can be adapted to different levels.

1. Watch a World Cup game. The World Cup has just started and there are lots of games during the next few days. The games will be televised across ESPN networks in English and Univision networks in Spanish. There will also be radio coverage via ESPN Radio in English and the Fútbol de Primera network in Spanish.

Even if you watch just a few minutes of a game you can do easy Spanish activities with kids. With beginners say the numbers you see, name the colors on the flags and pronounce the players’ names. If you are watching in Spanish, listen for words like pelota or balón (ball), and árbitro (referee).

Friday, June 13: Mexico vs Cameroon, Spain vs Netherlands, Chile vs Australia

Saturday, June 14: Colombia vs Greece, Uruguay vs Costa Rica, England vs Italy, Côte d’Ivoire vs Japan

Sunday, June 15: Switzerland vs Ecuador, France vs Honduras, Argentina vs Bosnia and Herzegovina

2. Learn and sing Con mi caballito from A tiempo preescolar. This song is from Chile, and it is easy to sing along. The Chilean expression hago tuto means “I sleep”.  These are the words to the song:

Con mi caballito
Corro por el campo
Juego, juego, juego
Nunca yo me canso

Con mi caballito
Corro por los cerros
El me lleva arriba
Porque yo lo quiero

Con mi caballito
Sueño, sueño, sueño
Hago tuto, tuto
Porque yo lo quiero

3. Download and print this farm maze. As your child does the maze (laberinto), talk about the animals you see and the other details in the picture. Label the animals. These are the animals in the picture: la vaca, el cerdo, la gallina, el pollito, la rana, el gato, el pájaro, el perro, el caballo, la oveja, el ratón, la abeja, el conejo, el granjero.

4. Play a balance game with bean bags (bolsitas) or beanie animals to practice body parts and verbs. My preschoolers love these easy Spanish activities! Give instructions for kids to balance a bean bag or beanie animal on their head, their foot, their shoulder, etc. Add verbs by giving instructions to walk, jump, dance, sit down and do other actions: Pon la bolsita (el animal if you’re using beanie toys) en la cabeza. Camina. Pon la bolsita en el pie. Salta. Pon la bolsita en el brazo. Baila.
Try with two bean bags, or with two bean bags on different body parts.

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