OnlineFreeSpanish has a great set of Earth Day activities for Spanish language learners. The games teach vocabulary related to the environment. There are many different activities and all of them have native-speaker audio. You can also print the word search puzzles and the coloring sheets.

You will find these fun activities about the planet:

– Earth Day game – Clear away paper and plastic to find Earth Day related images. The words are pronounced and also pronounced broken into syllables. The image makes the meaning of the word clear and the written Spanish word is also provided. This is a great Spanish vocabulary and pronunciation activity.

– Go green. This is a set of 16 different photos with tips for protecting the environment. The phrases are in Spanish and English and there is Spanish audio.

– Memory game – This is the classic game with Earth Day vocabulary. You can choose the number of pairs you want to match. The words are pronounced each time you turn over a card. I love the memory games on OnlineFreeSpanish because even when kids do not make a pair they hear the word pronounced. That means there is lots of repetition!

Dunk a pingu – This is a really cute version of hangman. Kids guess letters to complete the word before the pinguino loses all the ice and falls into the sea.

– Coloring pages – This set of printable Earth Day coloring pages has tips in Spanish and English.

– Word search – You can do these word search puzzles online or print them. Online there are images when you scroll over the words so that the meaning is clear without translation. You also hear the word pronounced. Kids learn much more effectively than with a typical word search!

– Beeny’s game – This game has scrambled words that relate to the environment. You unscramble them to move the bee through the maze. You can click the speaker and hear the word pronounced, and then it is good practice for writing a word based on the sound. You also get an image of the word to reinforce the meaning.

– Recycling game – In this game you sort objects into bins. It teaches the words vidrio, plástico, papel, and lata.

Click here for Spanish Earth Day Activities from OnlineFreeSpanish

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