Dum dum dada song adapted for Spanish learners.

Dum Dum Dada is a song with clapping and hand motions. Kids often play this group clapping game at camp. To sing the song, everyone has to coordinate their actions.

Dum Dum Dada in Spanish

  • The clapping game guarantees essential repetition that is hard to achieve with other activities.
  • Kinesthetic learners love this activity. The movement enhances learning for all kids.
  • Actions can be adapted to the meaning of the words. For example, in my “tengo sueño” version, kids can put their heads onto their folded hands for the last clap of each set of actions.
  • Language is integral to the activity, but kids focus on the actions and rhythm. This has been shown to be an effective way to acquire language.

If you are not familiar with the song (also called Dum Dum Diddy) here is a great video of the Minnesota Boychoir singing it with the actions. You can find the actions explained in other YouTube videos too.

Of course, doing this with Spanish learners, you want to use Spanish words. I have words for four versions below. Sing one version for the whole song! The actions change, but the words stay the same through the entire sequence.  You can download a printable with my words.

Download Dum Dum Dada for Spanish Learners

Of course, you can also make your own version of the song. Be careful not to break diphthongs as you think of words for the rhythm.

This is the rhythm the words need to fit:

Dum Dum Da-da da-da Dum Dum da-daaa
Dum Dum da-da da-da Dum dum da-da da-da
Dum Dum Da-da da-da Dum Dum da-daaa
Dum Dum da-da da-da Dum dum dum

Here are several versions of Dum Dum Dada in Spanish:

Tengo sueño

Voy a ca-sa por-que ten go sue-ñooo
Ten go sue-ño y-yo quie ro mi-ca mi-ta
Voy a ca-sa por-que ten go sue-ñooo
Es toy lis-to pa-ra des can sar.

Tengo hambre

Voy a ca-sa por-que ten go ham-breee
Ya es ho-ra de-que co ma al-go ri-co
Voy a ca-sa por-que ten go ham-breee
Voy a com-er mu-cha co mi da.

Voy al parque

Voy al par-que con-mi pe rro be-llooo
Quie re co-rrer, ju-gar con sus a-mi-gui-tos
Voy al parque con-mi pe rro be-llo
Es tá lis-to para pa se ar.

Muchas ideas ( Soy una chica works just as well. You can sing either one.)

Soy un chi-co con-mu chas i de-aaas
Son muy bue-nas y-yo quie ro com-par tir-las
Soy un chi-co con-mu chas i  de-aaas
Te van a-gus tar-mu chi sí mo.

Try Dum Dum Dada with these words or make up your own and let us know how your kids like it. If you can, send us a video!

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