Drawing tutorials in Spanish teach language learners vocabulary and grammar.

If you have children who like to draw and are learning Spanish, drawing tutorials can be an excellent source of language.

Drawing tutorials in Spanish have important elements of a good language activity:

  • The context makes words comprehensible through images.
  • There is repetition of key words and structures.
  • The kids are actively engaged and moving as they draw what they hear and see.
  • There are drawing tutorials for common vocabulary in thematic units and also for holidays.
  • The activity is high-interest because learning to draw is fun!

Video Drawings Tutorials

YouTube has drawing tutorials in Spanish for kids to watch and listen to. It is a good idea to watch the whole video through before you start. This gives you a better idea of the drawing and is also excellent language exposure.  Remember, children will not understand every word of the video, but if they draw along, they will quickly pick up the main ideas.

Dibujin Dibujado is a playlist by YouTube user ijaelachi

She describes how to draw a variety of objects kawaii, or cute in Japanese. As she draws she describes what she is doing and repeats vocabulary related to the object and to drawing. These drawing tutorials are wonderful language exposure.

Dibujo Fácil para Niños is a playlist by Nica Bernita. She has many simple drawings and narrates the tutorials as she draws. In the video below she draws a panda.

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