Season 1, Episodes 1-6 – Listening Activities and Speech Bubble Photos

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Buena Gente is a video series for Spanish language learners. It is available free on YouTube.
Season 1 has 6 episodes featuring

  • everyday Spanish in a natural context.
  • strong visual support for the language to create comprehensible input.
  • built-in repetition of key vocabulary and structures.
  • slow, clear Spanish.

Season 1
Sofía and Mateo move into an apartment and find a box left by the previous tenant. Can they find the owner and return the valuables in the box?

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Digital Download Contents:

  • Suggested Pre-Viewing Activities for Spanish Class
  • Multiple-Choice Main Idea Questions for Episodes 1-6
  • Sequencing Events for Episodes 1-6
  • Fill-In-The-Blank Listening Activities for Episodes 1-6
  • Answer Key
  • Video Transcripts for Episodes 1-6
  • Video Transcripts with Translation for Episodes 1-6 (a reference for independent learners)
  • Photos with dialog bubbles to use for plot review, conversation practice and writing prompts. 13 photos for the 6 episodes

Listening activities for all episodes of Buena Gente Season 1 a Spanish video series.

Speech bubbles are useful for review, conversation practice and writing prompts.

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