Dolphin activities in Spanish fit into an Earth Day or animal theme.

Dolphins are amazing! In addition, learning about these beautiful animals is an excellent way for Spanish learners to develop their language skills. These are some of our favorite dolphin activities in Spanish.

Check out our Spanish reading for kids resource page for more printable reading activities, activities for favorite picture books and online stories.

I love learning about dolphins in Spanish because the content reinforces high-frequency vocabulary in a new context. Dolphin activities in Spanish fit in well with an animal unit or an ocean theme. If you can also use National Dolphin Day on April 14 or Earth Day on April 22 to learn more about these amazing creatures.

My dolphin activities in Spanish include a combination of reading with comprehension questions, graphic organizers, photos, videos and crafts.

Dolphin Video

This video uses some of the information in the reading below. It’s a nice addition to a dolphin lesson, and it also shows a fun way to make a dolphin snack.

Easy Dolphin Reading in Spanish

Easy readings are effective dolphin activities in Spanish because they teach new vocabulary in context.

This easy Spanish reading about dolphins has familiar vocabulary including common verbs, body parts and words related to the ocean. It also has some content specific vocabulary defined in context.

The reading comprehension questions include a picture of a dolphin for students to label basic body parts. If your lesson includes additional details about dolphin anatomy, add more lines before you make your copies.

Spanish Dolphin Reading

Dolphin Reading Comprehension Questions

Dolphin Have-Can-Are Graphic Organizer in Spanish

Graphic organizers are effective dolphin activities in Spanish for language learners.

If time and setting allow, I make a have-can-are chart in Spanish as a large group. I’m always amazed by how much kids know about these dolphins!

Spanish graphic organizers are also effective as an individual task. Depending on the level of the students, you can provide a word bank for extra support. Below, you can download my Spanish Dolphin Can-Have-Are graphic organizers with and without a word bank.

Tienen Pueden Son – Dolphin Graphic Organizer in Spanish – Word Bank

Dolphin Graphic Organizer in Spanish -Tienen Pueden Son – No Word Bank

Dolphin Photos with Spanish Text

Dolphins are beautiful, and you can find many photos of delfines to share with your students. I often add text to photos for more reading and vocabulary practice. These photos have text that corresponds to the dolphin reading in Spanish above.

All of these dolphin photos are in the public domain, so feel free to use them. Click to open a larger version in a separate tab. Then, right click and choose save image to download the photo.

Reading, graphic organizers, videos and photos are dolphin activities in Spanish to use with language learners.

Elementary students learn high-frequency vocabulary with dolphin activities in Spanish.

With dolphin activities in Spanish students are introduce to language, culture and geography.

Photos with text are good dolphin activities in Spanish for kids.

Dolphin activities in Spanish teach vocabulary and grammar to elementary students.

Dolphin Videos in Spanish

Animales Marinos para niños: El Delfín from Patico de Hule – This is a 1-minute animated video for your very youngest learners. It teaches the word delfín and asks 3 simple questions: ¿Cómo hace el delfin? (dolphin sounds), ¿De qué color es el delfín? (Gris) and  ¿Dónde está el delfín? (Allí está).

El Delfín de Happy Learning Español. This 4-minute video has pretty images and content at an accessible level. The Spanish is fast, but clear and supported with pictures. I like this video a lot! A good part of the content is in the description.

Dolphin Crafts for Spanish Learners

Add a dolphin craft to your theme for more language learning. Try these favorite hands-on dolphin activities in Spanish.

Diving Dolphin with Spinning Paper Plates

My favorite is a spinning paper plate craft, where kids can make the dolphin jump in the waves. I use this craft to reinforce the words mar, olas, nadar, saltar, cielo, aleta and cola.

You can see picture and get instructions for the dolphin craft at Lakeshore Learning. We use plates in two shades of blue instead of painting them.

Dolphin Puppets

You can also make moving dolphin puppets using a figure on a craft stick. Put a slot in a paper plate or a box to make the dolphin’s ocean home. See examples of moving dolphin puppets with a paper plate  and a dolphin puppet with a box.

There are many other crafts that make excellent dolphin activities in Spanish. Look for a dolphin craft that gives you an opportunity to reinforce new language. Los delfines made with bananas are perfect for snack time!

These crafts are fun dolphin activities in Spanish class.

Resources for Dolphin Activities in Spanish

There are excellent authentic language materials for children to learn about dolphins in Spanish. Many have a design and level that makes them appropriate for Spanish learners. You can also use selected pages about los delfines or adapt them to fit your needs.

Áreas Costeras y Recursos Marinos (ACOREMA) is  a Peruvian non-profit dedicated to marine conservation. Visit the free educational publications by ACOREMA and click on Los Delfines en la Educación Inicial – Material de Apoyo para Niños de 3, 4 y 5 años.

Motion Kids TV has dolphin coloring sheets with text.  Visit their page of fichas educativas de animales for several pages about los delfines.

For lots of information about dolphins in Spanish check out Delfinpedia. They have a page of datos sobre delfines para los niños.

Do you do dolphin activities in Spanish class? Share your favorite resources in the comments below!

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