Día del padre printable poster for children learning Spanish.

Father’s Day is next Sunday! Spanish Playground hopes kids celebrate their dads in as many ways and languages as they can. These Día del Padre printable posters are a great place to start.

In Spanish, Father’s Day is Día del padre or Día de los padres. Father’s Day in the U.S. falls on June 21th this year. Different countries celebrate on different dates. Learn more about Father’s Day around the world. Making Father’s Day cards or other gifts with Spanish text can be a good language activity for kids.

The first Día del Padre printable poster is in color. It is an image, so you can download and print is as it is, or resize it to use as the front of a card. To download, right click and select save.

The other Día del Padre printable is a PDF to color. Coloring bubble letters is a good way to engage kids with Spanish text. Be sure to talk about the letters and words with your child.

The Día del Padre printable posters have common Spanish phrases kids use to tell dads how important they are. However you use them, encourage kids to read the phrases to their dad. These are the phrases on the Día del Padre printable posters.

Feliz Día del Padre

El mejor papá del mundo

Te quiero con todo  mi corazón.

Eres mi heroe.

Feliz día Papá.

Siempre me apoyas.

Gracias por todo lo que haces por mí.

Printable Posters for Día del Padre

Download Día del Padre printable color poster

Download Día del Padre printable poster in black and white to color

Spanish Fathers Day printable poster

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