Delia Berlin has written an engaging Spanish story about eating well and staying healthy.

The charming new Spanish-language picture book by Delia Berlin, Dieta de Lunares, reminds children of the importance of eating well and being active. The story also reminds parents that everyone plays a role in the health of a family. You can purchase Dieta de Lunares and other books by Delia Berlin on Amazon.

Dieta de Lunares is a story of family, food and a healthy approach to eating. Papá produces lots of food on the farm and Mamá is a wonderful cook. The twins, Paco and Pancho, learn at their check-up that they need to eat less and exercise more. The change involves the entire family and working together they find a healthy solution.

Reading Dieta de Lunares with Spanish Learners

Many features of Dieta de Lunares make it an excellent choice for children learning Spanish.

  • Most of the story is narrated in simple prose. The twins love to sing in rhyme, so their dialog is rhyming verse.
  • Short sentences include nouns (subject and object) rather than pronouns. The subject-verb-object structure makes it easy for Spanish learners to follow the story. The compound sentences use this structure in each clause and join them with y.
  • The story has a range of vocabulary including many basic words familiar to Spanish learners.
  • Past tense narration gives kids exposure to the preterite and imperfect in context. The story provides opportunities to work with the tenses in comprehension activities.
  • Hailey Quercia’s illustrations are enchanting line drawings with wonderful detail. Parents and teachers can use the illustrations to talk about the story, characters and setting with Spanish learners.

Dieta de Lunares is an engaging story about an important topic. Delia Berlin crafts a message about wellness by focusing on moderation and activity, without drawing attention to appearances. In addition to being an excellent Spanish language experience, the book opens the door to conversations about eating well and staying healthy.

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