Day and night, sun and moon – these natural rhythms establish a child’s sense of time and daily routine. It is also vocabulary that children acquire at a young age.

el día – day

la noche – night

el sol – sun

la luna – moon

la estrella – star

These common words are easy to use with your child. Try these phrases:

On a sunny day: Hace sol. It’s sunny.

When you see the moon in the sky: Veo la luna. I see the moon.

When you see stars in the sky: ¡Hay muchas estrellas! There are lots of stars!

Vamos a contar las estrellas. Let’s count the stars.

Point out the moon and sun in picture books:

Es de día. Allí está el sol. It’s daytime. There is the sun.

Es de noche. Allí está la luna. It’s nighttime. There is the moon.

Imaginary play:

Es de día. ¡Buenos días! It’s daytime. Good morning!

Es de noche. Buenas noches. It’s nighttime. Good night.

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