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I do not belong to many groups, and I have certainly never belonged to a group as cool as Multicultural Kid Blogs before. This group of bloggers spans the globe. Although most write in English, they speak dozens of languages and negotiate even more cultures. It is a privilege to be included, and I am happy to be able share this list of wonderful authors with Spanish Playground readers.

Starting in late July, the new Multicultural Kid Blogs website will feature articles on raising global citizens and multicultural, multilingual children. The members are truly an amazing bunch. Some of them border on famous, although most do not. Well-known or not so well-known, all of them have valuable insight into raising and educating children to appreciate the linguist and cultural richness of the planet.

Much of what these authors write directly addresses culture and language, but these people have a lot to say about other topics, too. Above all, they are great parents and teachers sharing their experiences and varied perspectives. It makes for really good reading.

Why am I sharing Multicultural Kid Blogs here?
My focus on Spanish Playground is intentionally narrow and very practical. Teaching my children Spanish, I was overwhelmed daily by the effort to expose them to the language. Spanish Playground is a response to that constant pressure. It is an effort to give parents something to work with today, so the process does not stall, so they do not give up. The pressure I feel as a teacher is similar to what I experienced when my kids were growing up. Although giving up is not really an option, we do burn out. I hope that Spanish Playground makes teachers’ lives a little easier, too.

The Multicultural Kid Blogs address many of the issues I faced teaching my kids Spanish, issues that do not fit into the narrow focus of Spanish Playground. How do we use our financial resources to best advantage? What is the easiest way to travel with kids and what documents do we need? How do we deal with extended family that is not supportive? What foods, celebrations, books and music can we make a part of our life in Wisconsin? How will being gone every summer affect them (Spanish is more important than swimming lessons, right?)? There were endless complications to be negotiated with the school system, with our families and with the kids themselves. There was also a richness to life and their steady progress that made it all worthwhile. The Multicultural Kid Blogs write about all of this and more, and from many different angles. They also share fascinating information about many, many countries and cultures.

The website is just getting underway, but the list of member Multicultural Kid Blogs is up. Not everyone has added their information, so the list will continue to grow. I have to admit, I do not have time to read all the blogs regularly. If you are looking for a place to start, try Open Wide the World, All Done Monkey, Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes, Inculture Parent, Inspired by Familia, Kid World Citizen, Maternidad en 2 lenguas and Multilingual Mama. I hope that you will explore these wonderful resources!


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