!Qué globos bonitos!  What pretty balloons! Use this simple activity to practice colors in Spanish with the photo of balloons below. For children who do not read in Spanish, you can make the path with crayons or markers so they can see and talk about what color is next. Say the Spanish colors as you follow the path through the balloons.

Follow the color paths from the top of the picture to the bottom. Move from one color to the next. The balloons are next to each other. For some of the colors you will just see part of the balloons.

When you get to the bottom, try again from the top with the next path. The first balloons in the paths move from left to right.

1. rojo, naranja, verde, verde, blanco, negro, negro, blanco

2. amarillo, azul, naranja, rojo, blanco, amarillo, blanco, azul

3. azul, amarillo, rojo, blanco, amarillo, rojo, blanco, verde, blanco

4. amarillo, rojo, blanco, amarillo, blanco, azul, amarillo

5. naranja, azul, verde, rojo, blanco, amarillo, blanco, azul, amarillo

You can open the color paths as a PDF to put beside the picture: Follow the colors through the balloons

Help kids make a path for a friend to follow. Trying going from bottom to top or left to right.

CC Image courtesy of Crystl

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