This image from the video about coffee in Spanish shows the characters in the conversation.

El café is a short video conversation about coffee in Spanish. Coffee is an important part of the economy and culture of many countries in Latin America, and the video uses basic Spanish to explain how coffee grows and its production. Watch and then try the listening comprehension questions below.

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Pre-Listening Activities

Before I watch videos with my students, we predict what information the video will include. To do this, you can tell students the general topic is coffee and ask questions such as ¿Tomas café? ¿Alguien de tu familia toma café? ¿Cómo es el café? (color, temperatura, sabor, etc.) ¿En qué países crece el café? 

Learn Coffee in Spanish Video

I usually watch videos all the way through one time before doing activities. Most of our easy Spanish conversations videos are short and students will understand a lot the first time. In addition, watching the whole video provides important context that helps them understand when they watch it again. 

You can watch the video below or on YouTube: Coffee in Spanish | Easy Spanish Conversations | El café.

Vocabulary for the Spanish Coffee Video

Much of the vocabulary will be familiar, but these words are specific to the topic. You may want to do pre-viewing activities to teach this vocabulary if your students haven’t heard it before. See Listening Activities You’re Not Doing (But Should Be) for suggestions of narrow listening activities that incorporate vocabulary.

el café – coffee

producir – to produce

la planta – plant

la sombra – shade

el fruto – fruit (part of a plant)

el grano – bean (coffee), grain

cosechar – to harvest

la cáscara – skin, husk

el horno – oven

tostado – toasted

la semilla – seed

Comprehension Activities for Coffee in Spanish

Get the printable El café video comprehension questions.

In the first listening activity, learners identify which speaker said the phrase. Students may be able to complete the table without watching the video again. If so, when you watch again, they can check answers or fill in any they didn’t answer.

The second activity is a set of multiple choice listening comprehension questions that cover the main points in the video. 

Finally, there are a few personal questions related to the topic. 

We hope this video and the questions are useful in class or if you’re an independent learner. We appreciate your feedback, so let us know how they work for you in the comments below. 

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