These activities introduce kids to words for clothes in Spanish in a natural context.

All of us get dressed every day, so clothes are a big part of life and important vocabulary for kids. Fortunately, it is natural to associate words for clothes in Spanish with weather, places and events, body parts and colors. You can talk about clothes in almost any situation!

Below you’ll find resources and activities for learning Spanish words for clothing. We use videos, songs and printable pages, but we also love activities with items of clothing and magazine photos. Be sure to scroll to the end of the post for a list of hands-on learning ideas.

Clothes in Spanish Videos

These two videos introduce kids to clothes vocabulary. In the first video, kids hear a variety of clothes words in context and then answer choice questions. The target structure is the verb llevar.

You can find printable picture cards for the vocabulary in the video and a fill-in-the-vowels printable page here: Spanish Words Kids Love Video: La Ropa

Next, this video is an easy conversation about what to wear. It makes a great listening activity, and kids also have fun creating their own What should I wear? conversation with a friend. Check out these free Clothes in Spanish printable listening activities for the video.

Songs to Learn Clothes in Spanish

Music is an excellent way to learn language, and there are fun songs with words for clothes. Check out 7 of our favorite Spanish Clothing Songs for Kids.

Books to Learn Clothes in Spanish

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Clothes are considered “first words” so you’ll find board books with individual words and bright, clear pictures such as Maisy’s Clothes/La Ropa de Maisy: A Maisy Dual Language Book or My Clothes/ Mi Ropa by Rebecca Emberley. (affiliate)

Of course, books with vocabulary in context are our favorites. For example, we love Froggy Se Viste by Jonathan London. (affiliate) It’s a very funny story and you can find lots of activities on TpT and other websites.

We also like My Clothes/Mi ropa by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza (affiliate) because it relates clothes to weather and activities.

Games to Learn Spanish Clothes Words

Juguemos en el bosque is a traditional game similar to tag.

Juguemos en el bosque or Lobo, ¿estás? is a traditional game with clothes words. It is a fun, culturally relevant way to learn la ropa. Read instructions and see a video of the game to learn Spanish clothes vocabulary.

Clothes and weather go hand in hand, especially here in Wisconsin where winter is very cold! These Spanish winter vocabulary games are dice games to practice clothes and other winter words.

We also have Spanish logic puzzles with winter clothes vocabulary. Logic puzzles are not exactly games, but my students have fun with them.

Easy Readings with Spanish Clothes Vocabulary

This drawing activity teaches kids words for clothes in Spanish.

We have a variety of easy reading activities that combine pictures and high-frequency words, including lots of clothes vocabulary in Spanish. Of course, these can all be listening activities if you read the text aloud.

These Spanish Vocabulary Activities with Stick Figures, for example, use simple drawings to check for comprehension. They incorporate words for clothes in Spanish such as vestido, sombrero, bufanda, gorro, gorra, zapatos, botas, collar, shorts, pantalones, bolsa, lentes, and camiseta.

Also, try this Spanish Snowman Activity with Pictures where kids match short descriptions to the correct snowman.

Favorite Activities with Real Clothes

Hands-on learning is best, and clothes are easy items to come by. For example, you can get them at thrift stores and garage sales. You can also choose outrageous items that are fun to describe. Try these activities using real clothes.

  • Bring in clothes of all kinds in a suitcase. Kids can take turns trying things on, telling each other what to put on, or racing to put on clothes as you say them.
  • Dress up a large stuffed animal.
  • Do a fashion show where the children model their outfits while you or another student narrates.
  • Play Veo, veo ¿A quién ves? where one person describes what a person is wearing and the others try to guess who it is.
  • Use blue painters tape to create stick figures on the floor. Students dress the figures and describe what they are wearing.

Favorite Activities with Pictures of Clothes

Of course, paper dolls, magazines and catalogs are wonderful for hands-on learning. Try activities like these:

  • Dress and describe paper dolls. Fun for Spanish Teachers has a post about doing a fashion show with paper dolls.
  • Have students cut out pictures from catalogs to make outfits. Then, label them or write descriptions.
  • Give groups of students a clothes line, doll clothes or paper clothes, and a laundry list. Then, each group assembles their clothesline in the correct order using clothespins.

What are your favorite activities to learn words for clothes in Spanish? We would love to hear from you!

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