I was fortunate enough to find these books by Creative Teaching Press when my kids were preschool age.  The Spanish versions are intended to introduce native Spanish speakers to basic science and math concepts. I bought them in a bookstore packaged into the math series, the science series and the fun and fantasy series. Each set had about six of these little books. They were fabulous when my kids were learning Spanish and I still use them in my Spanish classes for children.

Yo veo colores (I see colors) has eight pages, each with a photograph of a collection of objects one color. The text on each is the same simple sentence – one that children quickly learn to “read”.

Botones, botones (Buttons, Buttons) has bright, fun photographs of buttons of different colors and shapes.  The text is limited to a description of the photograph and teaches common adjectives. Children learn Spanish grammar too, as the adjectives agree with the plural word botones.

The charm of these books lies in their photographs, and in the simple, effective text.  With these basic books, children learn Spanish vocabulary and structures naturally.   The books have been a wonderful resource for me at home and in my Spanish classes.

Picture Book to Learn Spanish Animals and Colors
A video for learning Spanish colors