There are many good morning songs in Spanish.  This is a very simple one and it uses usted, the formal form for you.  Depending on your situation, this is a form that children may not hear on a regular basis.  As they learn Spanish they should be familiar with the word usted and understand it.  This song is an easy way to teach it at the earliest stage of learning Spanish.

This song is to the tune of Are you sleeping? and can be sung as an echo song.  Some versions use ¿y tú? in the last line, but it means drawing out the vowel y.  You can also use Y tú ¿qué tal? Y tú ¿qué tal? which fits the rhythm well.

Buenos días, buenos días
¿Cómo estás?, ¿Cómo estás?
Yo muy bien gracias, yo muy bien gracias.
¿Y usted? ¿Y usted?

This is another Spanish good morning song. The words are on the screen: Buenos días song.

Buenas noches, luna - Goodnight, Moon in Spanish
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