Children are familiar with the concepts and vocabulary related to the seasons of the year.  Using this knowledge, they can understand the same ideas expressed in Spanish. As children relate the concepts they know to the Spanish language, they use their ideas to clarify the meaning of the words.  This allows children to understand longer sentences and new vocabulary, and is an excellent way for them to learn Spanish.

Reading both of these books children will draw on prior knowledge about the seasons to understand the Spanish language.  The illustrations also support and clarify the text.  Although the books may use longer sentences and more sophisticated vocabulary than other books you have read with your child, she will understand the main ideas related to the familiar topic of the seasons.

Before you read, be sure to activate your child’s prior knowledge!  Look at the cover and talk together about each season and what the book might say.

Las estaciones is a bright, attractive book that presents information about the seasons clearly and logically.  Sentences like these, and the accompanying pictures, introduce children to Spanish words to express that information.

El sol y la lluvia de primavera ayudan a las plantas a crecer. / Spring sun and rain help the plants grow.

En el verano, los insectos se alimentan de hojas y las aves atrapan insectos para alimentar a sus hijos. / In the summer, insects eat leaves and birds catch insects to feed their chicks.

Las hojas se ponen amarilllas, anaranjadas y marrones y caen de los árboles./ The leaves turn yellow, orange and brown and fall from the trees.

En algunos lugares hace tanto frío que la nieve cae y cubre la tierra. / In some places, it is so cold that snow falls and covers the earth.

La Primavera/Spring: Las cuatro estaciones is part of a series by María Ruis.  Each of these books is about a single season. What your child knows about spring, and the engaging pictures, will help her understand the Spanish.  These sentences are representative of the clear, straight-forward text in this book:

El sol se levanta más temprano y  cada día calienta más./ The sun comes up earlier and each day is warmer.

En primavera llueve y hace sol. Es divertido jugar bajo la lluvia./ In spring it rains and is sunny.  It is fun to play in the rain.

Use books like these to teach children Spanish – any time of the year!

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