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October – November: Bilingual Is Better

Bilingual Is Better

Our first book is Bilingual is Better by Ana Flores and Roxana Soto.

– This parenting memoir includes practical tips and resources to help parents from all backgrounds give their children the benefits of bilingualism. Bilingual Is Better also addresses topics such as bilingual education and cultural heritage.

– Authors Roxana A. Soto and Ana L. Flores co-founded the popular parenting blog SpanglishBaby. Both are award-winning bilingual journalists.

The Conversation

– Starting Oct. 3, we will be posting once a week on a new chapter of the book.

– Join in the discussion by following the participating blogs and leaving comments with your thoughts and questions.

– Share your ideas in the Multicultural Kid Blogs Google + Community.

– Bloggers, link your posts to the linky on the Multicultural Kid Blogs website.

These bloggers will be hosting the chapter discussions:

Where to get the book

Bilingual is Better is available from several popular booksellers.

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