Vocabulary is best learned in small sets.  Here are more body parts, and activities to practice them.

la cabeza – head

el brazo – arm

la mano – hand

la pierna – leg

el pie – foot

In addition to the suggestions in Body Parts 1, try these with your child:

– In your public library, find picture books that focus on body parts. Instead of reading the English text, talk about the pictures using Spanish words.

– Play Simon Says, saying the body parts in Spanish. For example, Simon says close los ojos.  Simon says open los ojos. Simon says touch el pie.  Touch el brazo.

– Name an action and ask your child what part of the body you use to do it. Give your child two choices.  For example: What do you use to pet a dog?  La pierna or la mano?

Enjoy your day with your child!

Stickers for learning Spanish vocabulary
Two books to practice body parts in Spanish