Body parts are some of the first words that children understand and say in any language.  They are fun to learn in Spanish!

los ojos – eyes

la nariz – nose

la boca – mouth

las orejas – ears

el pelo , el cabello – hair

Use these words with your child during the day.

– If you have a pet, point out los ojos, la nariz, la boca, las orejas and el pelo to your child. Stuffed animals work too.

– Play with your food!  Make a face out of peas, apple slices or whatever is on your plate. Describe what you are doing saying “ These are los ojos, and this is la nariz,” etc.

– Draw with your child, or play with clay.  Make faces and say the parts of the face as you draw or make them.

– As you look in the mirror with your child (brushing teeth, brushing hair) point to your face and say the words. Make funny faces and do it again!

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