Bilingual songs for kids learning Spanish.

Mister G is an indie rocker turned children’s world music sensation. His CDs, ABC Fiesta and Chocolalala are full of bilingual songs and are perfect for language lovers. Mister G catches kids up in a dynamic world of words and sounds, both Spanish and English.

In terms of language learning, the songs on these two CDs incorporate basic Spanish vocabulary and structures into melodies that kids will love. The genres range from folk to Latin to bluegrass, and all the bilingual songs will have kids singing along.

You can learn more about the music and purchase the CDs on the Mister G web site,
Amazon: ABC Fiesta and Chocolalala and
iTunes: Chocolalala and ABC Fiesta.
Downloads of the lyrics of the bilingual songs are available free on Mister G’s web site.

Bilingual Songs for Spanish Learners

There are lots of great bilingual songs on these CDs. These are a few of the highlights for kids learning Spanish.

ABC Fiesta – As the title suggests, this CD is a language party!

Habichuelas, Paletas, Guagua
These three tracks are not bilingual songs, but rather short conversations. In each, Mister G and a friend talk about how they use different words for the same thing, and where each word is used. Conversations like these happen all the time among Spanish speakers and are also very much a part of learning the language. These short exchanges are a wonderful way to introduce kids to the inevitable, delightful exploration of vocabulary that comes with speaking Spanish.

Vamos a la playa
This lovely song is perfect for beginners and young learners. It teaches the verb vamos and common vocabulary from the natural world: luna, sol, playa, cielo, mar, arena. The one line in English – when we live in peace – effectively emphasizes the message of the song.

Frota tu panza
Children move, dance and learn parts of the body with the irresistible rhythm of this song. This is an excellent brain break for kids of any age!

Bongo, bongo
I love the mood this song creates with its calm rhythm and images of friends, family and making music. The strings of four words have a momentum that pulls you in and gets in your head. I am sure that long after Spanish class is over my students will be singing amigos, sonrisas, guitarras, trombón…

Chocolalala – This CD won a Parents’ Choice Gold Award. You can find a free teaching guide for different content areas (music, conservation, geography, etc) for three of the bilingual songs on the Mister G web site.

Bilingual songs for kids by Mister G.

The title track is one of my favorites on the CD. It is entirely in Spanish and an excellent song for language learners. There is also a wonderful video to support the meaning of the lyrics. The random combinations of items are funny and the rhyme is addicting. You can watch the video below.

In addition, with this song kids sing the correct answer to ¿A quién le gusta el chocolate? ¡A mí! ¡A mí! I am so glad that the song reinforces the structure of gustar and the correct response to the question.

This song includes the names of countries in Latin America, a few from other continents and also some major world cities – all in Spanish, of course. It is an excellent way to learn place names and geography when paired with map work. It is also tons of fun to sing and great for pronunciation. Like most of the bilingual songs on this CD, it is mostly in Spanish.

As the title indicates, this song is about the natural world and protecting the Earth. Along with the very useful structure hay que + infinitive, kids will learn vocabulary for talking about nature: ríos, montañas, mundo, flores, cascadas, viento, nieve. It is very easy to sing along too, like the Mister G’s other bilingual songs.

Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this product to be able to write the article. I may have been compensated for my time. All of the ideas and opinions are my own.

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