These are two of the titles of the personalized bilingual books available from Snowflake Stories.

We all want our children to have the opportunity to read books that reflect our families and the languages we speak. But families are diverse, so finding a book that has a family like yours, in your language, can be a challenge. Enter Snowflake Stories, a publisher of bilingual personalized books featuring your child and family. 

I’m writing about Snowflake Stories as we’re getting ready to celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day on January 31st. The publisher sent me the book so I could share my impressions with my readers as part of the MCBD celebration.

Your Family in a Story

Snowflake Stories puts your child and your family into a book. The stories are available as single language or bilingual books in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

With Snowflake Stories, you choose a story, your languages, and personalize the cast of family members who appear in the book. In addition to name and gender, you select hairstyle, hair color, eye shape, eye color, and skin tone, so the characters are your family.

Learn more about these special books and the amazing process of customizing the characters on the Snowflake Stories website.

These are the options for customizing a child character in the bilingual personalized book.

My Family’s Bilingual Personalized Book

We went through the customization process and created a personalized bilingual book for my granddaughter. We chose a soccer story in Spanish and French, and we had a wonderful time creating our family.

The story itself, La gran final de fútbol de Noah has positive messages about effort, communication, and teamwork. The text rhymes in both languages, with pleasant rhythm and natural, accessible language.

Snowflake Stories believes that all children should see themselves in books. For children, seeing themselves in a story is special. It is especially affirming if their family is not represented in many of the books they read. 

In our case, my granddaughter has an unusual name, Noah for a girl. (Did you know there is a woman named Noah in the Bible? She has a story worth reading!) My granddaughter also has two moms. She is still little, but I’m so happy she will see herself, her name and her wonderful family in this story.

These are the options for customizing one of the adult characters in the bilingual books from Snowflake Stories.

Special Kids, Special Books

Children’s books, especially books in languages other than English, are an investment. We buy books because we value education and the experience of reading together.

Snowflake Stories bilingual personalized books add an extra dimension to that investment. One of these books is a wonderful way to affirm that your family loves and supports your child. The world is big and diverse, and she is special, surrounded by people who love and support her. 

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