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I am so excited about Bilingual is Better! The book comes out in September, but I pre-ordered mine from Amazon so that I will get it as soon as it is available.

Bilingual is Better is by Roxana Soto and Ana Flores, two Latina moms raising their children speaking Spanish and English. Together they founded the website in 2009.

I have to admit that I have a special place in my heart for SpanglishBaby. I came across it in 2010 as I was starting Spanish Playground. When I found SpanglishBaby, I read a post by Ana and another by Roxana and I kept reading and reading. Finally someone was talking about the worry, the excitement, the frustration, the despair, and the joy that I lived with for years teaching my children Spanish.

To tell the truth, some of what I read on SpanglishBaby that night was painful because it hit so close to home. I remembered things I had tried to forget, like a family picnic where my sister, who does not speak Spanish, made fun of us by speaking fake Spanish when my kids talked to me. Or an incident in the restroom at Target, where a very hostile woman confronted my five-year old daughter and me and asked if we spoke English and why we didn’t use it “here in the US.” Reading SpanglishBaby I was also reminded of the exhaustion of being responsible for providing the input that children need to learn a language. Mostly though, as I read I remembered how hilarious, awe-inspiring and just plain fun it is to live with children learning two languages.

Parenting is an emotional topic and raising bilingual children especially so. I have confidence that parents will find a clear and positive message in Bilingual is Better. On SpanglishBaby, the well-being of children is always at the forefront, with the acknowledgement that there are many ways to raise bilingual kids. Above all, the community is supportive rather than judgmental, and I am sure that tone will extend to the book.

Bilingual is Better will be available September 4th. What a great way to be inspired and motivated as a new school year begins!

spanish book

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