These bilingual color books are sturdy board books for little hands.

Board books are an important part of children’s first experiences with reading, so I choose them carefully. For example, these bilingual color books from publisher Gibbs Smith are a wonderful choice for young readers.

Series of Bilingual Color Books

This creative color series has 4 books, including Red/Rojo, Green/Verde, Blue/Azul and Yellow/Amarillo. With lovely illustrations, each book presents places, characters and objects connected by the title color and also by a series of events.

To learn more and purchase the books, go to publisher Gibbs Smith: Red/Rojo, Green/Verde, Blue/Azul and Yellow/Amarillo.

Bilingual Color Books: Key Words

The text consists of one word on each page, in English and Spanish. First, the word focuses the reader’s attention. Then, the clever illustrations build connections and a story line.

The concept for the books works perfectly! Take for example this sequence from Blue/Azul:  a sapphire/zafiro ring falls through the sky/cielo into the waves/olas where it is swallowed by a fish/pez ..and the story continues.

These bilingual color books tell captivating stories to engage children.

The one-word-per-page text captures the essence of the story, so you can tell it in Spanish or English, expanding the vocabulary  you use as they grow.

You can also use the text to introduce vocabulary in a second language. Because there is a context – both the color and the story – this is an excellent way to learn new words.

Check out more of our resources for Spanish reading for kids. Also, if you’re looking for other color activities, this page of resources has fun ideas: Learn Spanish For Kids: Colors.

Bilingual Color Books: Connections

The connections in the stories make these books irresistible. The color provides a unifying theme, and the connecting points are very clever. Children love to follow how a detail on one page becomes the focus of the next page. And the sequences are truly captivating!

In addition, the story lines have emotion and suspense, and are as intriguing for older kids and adults as they are for little ones. As you’ll see, children ask to read these enchanting bilingual color books again and again.

I encourage you to check out the excellent selection of books available from Gibbs Smith, and to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These bilingual color books are just a few of their many wonderful titles.

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