These bilingual books are a good choice for toddlers learning Spanish and English.

Millie va al espacio/Millie goes to space and Millie hace un nuevo amigo/Millie makes a new friend are bilingual books by Erika Deery. Both Spanish learners and native speakers will learn basic language as they enjoy these stories and the bright illustrations.

Erika Deery was born and raised in Mexico and currently lives in Canberra, Australia. You can learn more about Erika Deery and her bilingual books on her website Los cuentos de Millie – Millie’s Books.

Bilingual Books for Young Spanish Learners

Millie hace un nuevo amigo/Millie makes a new friend

In this story, Millie meets a lost puppy at the park. When the puppy appears at her window that night, she helps him get back home to his mother, but in a most unexpected way!

This story has a dimension of magical thinking that fits perfectly into a preschooler’s view of the world. Children begin to distinguish between fantasy and reality between the ages of 5 and 6. That Millie’s toy raccoon has an airplane to deliver the puppy home is an exciting, satisfying solution to the problem.

Millie hace un nuevo amigo/Millie makes a new friend has short sentences and direct language, and Spanish learners will recognize a large percentage of the vocabulary. In addition, Erika Deery reads the story aloud on YouTube. This audio is helpful support for teachers and parents who are non-native speakers. You can hear the story and see the bright illustrations in the video below.

Millie hace un nuevo amigo/Millie makes a new friend is available on Amazon in print and as a Kindle edition.


Millie va al espacio/Millie goes to space

Erika Deery writes bilingual books for young children.

Erika Deery’s second bilingual book, Millie va al espacio/Millie goes to space takes readers on a space travel adventure. With her friend Mr. Raccoon, Millie visits the moon and several planets. After her exciting trip, she wakes up to find that she while she was sleeping, she has actually traveled with her parents to visit her grandparents.

Like Millie hace un nuevo amigo, this story will appeal to the magical thinking of preschoolers and kindergartners. The text is also a good introduction to basic vocabulary related to space, including the words espacio, cohete, despegar, nave, La Tierra, la luna, aterrizar, Marte, planeta, estrellas, cometas, Júpiter, Saturno, anillos.

You can hear the author read the story aloud on YouTube. The print edition is available on Amazon, and the story is also available on iTunes.
Disclosure: The author sent me these books to write the article. All the ideas and opinions are my own.

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