The nominees for Best Latin Children's Album 2018 are a wonderful collection of artists to share with children learning Spanish.

The Latin GRAMMY Awards celebrate the year in Latin music by recognizing artists in different genres. We all love new music, so below you can learn about the 5 nominees for Best Latin Children’s Album 2018. You can also listen to songs from each of the nominated albums.

The Latin GRAMMY award for Best Latin Children’s Album is a fabulous way to discover new, diverse music in Spanish for children. This year’s nominees, for example, are from several countries and appeal to a range of interests and ages. In addition, you can explore more of our favorite Spanish songs for kids grouped by theme.

Best Latin Children’s Album 2018

Ana & Gio by Ana & Gio

Ana & Gio are from Mexico and compose and record songs for infants and preschoolers. They want to promote healthy development through music and use the songs in classes in Mexico City. Their first album, Ana & Gio, has also been nominated for Best Latin Children’s Album 2018.

Qué rico es is about bath time and features Gilberto Santa Rosa. It is tons of fun!

Imaginaré by Claraluna

Claraluna is an award-winning music group and theater company from Colombia. They have been creating music for children for 21 years, and were nominees for Best Latin Children’s Album in 2008, 2011 and 2016.

Their new album Imaginaré is a wonderful tribute to the power of imagination. It is beautiful, positive music for children.

Bita e a Natureza by Mundo Bita

Mundo Bita is from Brazil, and their album in Portuguese Bita e a Natureza is a nominee for Best Latin Children’s Album 2018. Like many Brazilian artists, Mundo Bita also records songs in Spanish.

Below you can hear Mascotas, and they also have songs about farm animals, ocean animals, dinosaurs and other themes that appeal to kids and fit into our classes. Their album Bita y los Animales is available on Amazon.

Magia Todo El Día by Luis Pescetti y Amigos

Luis Pescetti is an amazing artist, educator and author from Argentina. He recently wrote Magia todo el día, a collection of poems.

Right now, the print book is only available in Mexico and Argentina, but Luis Pescetti  and friends set the poems to music on the album Magia todo el día, available on Amazon. The album is a nominee for Best Latin Children’s Album 2018, and you can listen to many of the songs on YouTube.

As examples, listen to Me gusta regar las plantas in this video, and Si quisieras visitarnos in the second video.


Un Bosque Encantado 2  by Colectivo Animal

Colectivo Animal, from Colombia, released their first album Un bosque encantado in 2011 and now their second album Un bosque encantado 2 is a nominee for Best Latin Children’s Album 2018.

You can hear live performances of many of the songs online, and Un Bosque Encantado 2 is also on Amazon.

For example, this is a live performance of their song La danza de los lobos. I know some children who obsessed with wolves and would love to see this.  The next time I do a wolf unit, I am certainly going to include this song.

These songs are a sample of the music from the nominees for 2018 Best Latin Children’s Album. In addition, you can learn about the artists and find more of their music on their websites. Finally, congratulations to all the musicians for their nominations!

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