My granddaughter is 13 months old now. I take care of her for her busy lawyer parents, so baby books in Spanish have been a big part my days since last summer.

Today I’m sharing the books that captivated her during her first year. The books below are the ones she had a strong preference for and asked to read again and again. There is a good chance your little one will love these books too!

Features of Baby Books in Spanish

Like all children’s literature, these baby books in Spanish have specific features that enchant and engage young children. Beautiful art combined with simple sentences definitely speaks to my granddaughter. She also loves ways to participate by opening a flap or moving her own body. And of course, she looks for what is familiar, to see her world and days reflected in the illustrations. Finally, several of these favorites draw on music and songs.

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Lil’ Libros – Lotería and De colores

Cover image of Spanish baby books by Lil libros

In one of those magic interactions that happens between children and books, the illustration of the sun in Lotería from Lil’ Libros made my granddaughter smile and laugh starting at about 4 months. She loved the entire book, but the sun made her so happy. 

Single-word books are not usually my first choice, but the illustrations are enchanting and the words are easy to use in simple sentences (Veo un gallo. Dice quiquiriquí. Veo la luna. Sale de noche.). Most important, the joy this book inspires makes it perfect for little ones.

She fell in love with De colores, also from Lil’ Libros, at about 8 months. To be honest, I’m not crazy about the English translation of the song in the book, but we only read it to her in Spanish. She likes that it is a song, but again it is the art that makes her choose this book over and over again. She loves the children, the birds, the butterflies, and of course, the sun. 

If you’re looking for baby books in Spanish, be sure to check out Lil’ Libros. They have many titles, all with beautiful illustrations and rich with culture.

Global Babies – Bebés del Mundo

Cover image of Bebés del mundo.

Babies love babies, and Bebés del mundo with children from around the world has been a favorite since our baby was tiny. The short book has a beautiful photos and an important message about being special and loved. It’s available in other languages, too.

Las fresas son rojas

Cover of Las fresas son rojas.

Las fresas son rojas is a board book, and given how much fruit babies eat, it’s a perfect fit for the first year. She was intrigued by the illustrations and the way the pages get smaller. This book is a wonderful introduction to fruit and colors. 

Sorpresas de mascotas and Sorpresas en la selva

I picked up Sorpresas de la selva and Sorpresas de mascotas in Mexico, but they are also available on Amazon, along with other books in the series. The felt flaps and simple sentences were a hit with the baby from the time she was 5 months old or so, and she still loves them.

Language Together Set 1

Image of Spanish baby books from Language Together Set 1.

At about 9 months, our little one became obsessed with books in Language Together Set 1. I had not thought of these as 10 little books as specifically for babies, but the simple stories, patterned sentences and enchanting illustrations make them fabulous for little ones. In addition, she loves that they are not board books, and fit perfectly in her hands. These books are also available in English, French and Chinese. 

Language Together publishes this fabulous set of books for kids learning Spanish.

De la cabeza a los pies and Oso pardo, Oso pardo

You probably guessed that these classics would make the list. My nieta insisted on reading De la cabeza a los pies repeatedly to the point that her mother finally put it out of sight for a while. She also loved Oso pardo, Oso pardo as most children do. Again, the illustrations and simple sentences make them favorite books for babies and toddlers.

Lufi and Friends Spanish Song Books

These Spanish song books have built in music so children can listen and sing along.

Mis primeras canciones de cuna and Mis primeras canciones de animales were early favorites with the baby and the rest of the family. The short versions of traditional songs are perfect for everyone to sing along. Now, of course, she can push the buttons herself. Native speaker Spanish that children can access independently? Yes, please!

Read more about these Spanish song books from Lufi and Friends.

Buenas noches and Buenos días

We had Buenas noches by Meritxell Martí and after reading it hundreds of times, I ordered Buenos días. It was also a big hit. Both these books use sliding tabs to animate the art. I appreciate the sturdy design of these baby books in Spanish. The moving parts are still going strong!

The Pepe y Mila Series

Pepe y Mila series is a set of popular Spanish baby books.

The Pepe y Mila books Un día con Pepe y Mila and A Mila le gusta have also been favorites in our house. There are lots of titles in this popular series, many with flaps and moving parts. This is a very popular set of books, so you can also get really cute Pepe and Mila stuffed toys. We haven’t gone there yet, but I know she would love them!

More Spanish Baby Books

Be sure to check out our page of books resources for more Spanish books for kids. We have lots of reviews and a handy book list with additional Spanish baby books. We would also love hearing about your little one’s favorite books!

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