Attention getters in Spanish can be a fun source of language for kids.

Attention getters are chants, rhymes or songs to get kids listening or quiet down a group. They are a huge help with classroom management. Also, attention getters in Spanish, or consignas, can be a fun, easy way of incorporating more language into limited class time. If you have favorite attention getters in Spanish, please share in comments!

There are many kinds of attention getters. Some involve rhythms and clapping, but I use rhymes or songs with words because I want the kids to produce as much Spanish as possible. Lots of attention getters are call and response, but you can also have everyone join in and say them together.

For my youngest students I keep Spanish attention getters very simple and make sure they know what we are saying. First, we practice them as a group. Then they pretend to be talking and not listening, and we try it. This is fun because, of course, they are listening extra closely.

Below are a few simple Spanish attention getters that you might want to try. You can find more online. EducacionInicial has a set and so does Erika Valecillo.

Download a printable version of the attention getters.

Attention Getters in Spanish

[email protected] – Clase, clase
Estudiantes – Sí, sí

[email protected] – Hola, hola
Estudiantes – Caracola

[email protected] – Uno, dos, tres, ojos a mí
Estudiantes – Uno, dos, tres, ojos a ti (a usted).

[email protected] – Atención (clap as you say the syllables)
Estudiantes – Por favor (students clap as they say the syllables)

[email protected] – Zapato zapatito
Estudiantes – Dejo de hablar poquito a poquito.

[email protected] – Denme cinco
Estudiantes – Por favor (as they raise their hands)

[email protected] – Denme cinco
Estudiantes – Boca cerrada, miro y escucho (holding up one finger for each word)

[email protected] – Hada hada
Estudiantes – Ahora no digo nada.

[email protected] -¿Qué te pasa, Calabaza?
Estudiantes – Nada, nada, Limonada.

[email protected] – Porque sí, porque no
Estudiantes – Calladito me quedo yo

[email protected] – Serrucho serrucho
Estudiantes – A mi maestra escucho

[email protected] – Pez, pez
Estudiantes – A callar esta vez

[email protected] – Tapa, tapita, tapón.
Estudiantes – Cierro la boca ¡Ya está!

You can do the next two all together:

Levanto una mano,
levanto la otra,
me cruzo de brazos
y cierro la boca

(Sing to the tune of Are you sleeping?)
La lechuza
la lechuza
Hace ¡Shh!
Hace ¡Shh!
Todos calladitos
como la lechuza
Shh, shh, shh.

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Photo Credit: USAG-Humphreys via Compfight cc

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