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As school starts and the seasons change, teachers and parents will be talking about the months of the year and the calendar. This activity from El hada de papel is great for teaching and talking about the seasons and the months. It is a round calendar of the seasons in Spanish and it is pretty, easy to make, and easy to understand.

I like this activity because kids draw a tree for each season, helping them process the concepts and providing lots of opportunity to talk about the seasons and use related vocabulary.

There is a PDF to print and make the calendar. That is always a big help!

This is some of the vocabulary you will use as you talk about the seasons and the months. The months are not capitalized in Spanish.

Las estaciones – The seasons
el verano – summer
el otoño – fall
el invierno – winter
la primavera – spring

Los meses – The months
enero – January
febrero – February
marzo – March
abril – April
mayo – May
junio – June
julio – July
agosto – August
septiembre – September
octubre – October
noviembre – November
diciembre – December

These are some words and sentences you can use to talk about your drawings:
el árbol – tree
la rama – branch
las hojas – leaves

En el verano:
Los árboles tienen hojas verdes. – The trees have green leaves.

En el otoño:
Las hojas cambian de color. – The leaves change color.
Las hojas son amarillas.  – The leaves are yellow.
Las hojas se caen de los árboles. – The leaves fall from the trees.

En el invierno:
Las ramas de los árboles no tienen hojas. – The tree branches do not have leaves.

En la primavera:
A los árboles les salen hojas . – The leaves come out on the trees.

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