Readings with armadillo facts and stories with armadillos for kids learning Spanish.

Armadillos live throughout Latin America and often appear in traditional stories and songs. Below, you will find a printable reading with basic armadillo facts and an activity. You will also find stories about armadillos to print or read online. Armadillo facts and stories make for fun summer reading!

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Armadillo Facts

Armando el armadillo is a short printable reading to introduce Spanish learners to basic armadillo facts, and it also reminds kids that reading in Spanish is cool.  In addition, you can print an activity related to the armadillo facts in the reading.

Download Armando el armadillo, a short reading with armadillo facts.

Kids learn about armadillos in Spanish with this short reading.

Download the reading comprehension activity for Armando el armadillo.

Armadillo facts in a reading and activity for kids.


12 Odd Facts and Stories about Armadillos in English from Mental Floss – This list is in English, but there are armadillo facts that kids will find interesting.

Online Armadillo Stories

La canción del armadillo is a traditional tale from Bolivia about an armadillo that wants to be able to make beautiful music. The armadillo gets his wish when he dies and becomes a musical instrument. In some versions, he lives a long happy life first. In other versions, however, he chooses to die. In this printable, the armadillo lives a long life first.

El armadillo y el león – The Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo of Mexico (CONAFE) publishes this story about a tricky armadillo who manages to escape from a lion. This story for beginning readers is also great for Spanish learners. There is one misprint: the word volita should be bolita.

Clara y el armadillo – The Rainforest Alliance publishes this story, and it includes many armadillo facts. It is a little longer than the others, but at a level that is appropriate for many Spanish learners. Follow the link and scroll down to Clara and the Armadillo. Then, click on Spanish PDF.

El traje del armadillo – This Mayan story explains the pattern on the armadillo’s shell. CONAFE publishes  the story and makes it available online as part of the Biblioteca Digital del ILCE.

La comadreja y la familia Armadillo – This story is from Secretos para Contar. It is a fun story about how the Armadillo family deals with their new neighbor Weasel.

Video Story

The video story El zorro y el quirquincho tells a traditional tale from Argentina. In Argentina, people say quirquicho as well as armadillo. The story is about a fox who tries to trick an armadillo into doing all the work, but things don’t work out as he planned! It is an excellent story for a plant or garden unit. The video has nice graphics to support the story.

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