Apps for kids for reading in Spanish on the iPad and iPhone.

Finding quality Spanish language applications for the iPad and iPhone can be a challenge. This is partly because the iTunes store is not particularly easy to search, and also because many language learning apps focus strictly on vocabulary in isolation. Reading in Spanish depends on language in context, so apps that support beginning readers are especially difficult to find.

The following apps for reading in Spanish are appropriate for language learners and most use Spanish in the context of full sentences. They have high quality audio, engaging content and are suitable for a wide range of ages. I have included apps at a variety of levels. Visit our page of resources for Spanish reading for kids to find more activities.

Reading in Spanish with iPad and iPhone Apps

1. Lee Paso a Paso – Learn to Read Spanish Step by Step by BQWare
This app focuses on syllable sounds and combining them to make words. Syllables are key to reading in Spanish. All of the words are supported by images, so kids also acquire vocabulary. Kids do not hear the words used in sentences, but that isn’t the focus of the app. It is a very effective set of activities for children working to master reading in Spanish.

2. Spanish Playground Learning Games for Kids
I made two apps that available free on the iTunes store. They have short videos with complete sentences and focused images that make the language easy to understand. There is also an interactive version of the video and games with the key words. For native speakers, the syllable games are excellent activities to develop essential skills for reading in Spanish. For children learning Spanish as a second language, the app also teaches vocabulary, common sentence structures and pronunciation.  Find our Spanish kids ipad app with fruit here, and the kids ipad app about Spanish animals and toys here.

3. Santillana has lots of wonderful apps for kids reading in Spanish. The stories in the series el baul encantado are a good fit for beginning readers and Spanish language learners. For example, Oto y el doctor and Lina juega al escondite use common vocabulary in complete, natural sentences. Search el baul encantado in the App Store for more in the series and search Santillana for all their stories and games.

4. Blue Quoll has apps and ibooks of fun “re-invented” versions of familiar fairy tales.. The language is more difficult than the El baul encantado series from Santillana, but the stories are familiar. Knowing the traditional fairy tales will help kids with comprehension and language acquisition. The stories are listed by their English titles, for example Puss in Boots – The Great Adventure, or Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes – Red Riding Hood. Search Blue Quoll in the App Store to see all the apps and iBooks.

5. Kitu Kids has two apps that let children explore the rainforest in Spanish: Amazon Rainforest Discovery and Deep in the Rainforest. Both of these apps expose children to authentic Spanish language and native speaker audio. Reading in Spanish with these apps is more challenging than the ones mentioned above. However, the language is used in context and well supported by the graphics. These apps are an excellent way for native speakers and Spanish learners to practice reading in Spanish.

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