It is important to introduce words that are relevant to your child’s life and related to your child’s interests. Many children have pets, or love animals, so I introduce some common animals during the first weeks of class.  Talking about animals is also a great way to re-enter the body parts that your child has learned.  I start with common household pets:

el perro – dog

el gato – cat

el pájaro – bird

el pez – fish

In addition to talking about the family pets and toy animals using the Spanish words, try these simple activities:

– Use toys or pictures of the animals, and hide one of them at a time for your child to find.  Be sure to use the word for the animal as much as possible.

Which one should I hide first?  El gato? Okay, I’m going to hide el gato.  Close your eyes!   As your child looks for the animal, say “¿Dónde está el gato? No, el gato no está allí. When she finds the cat exclaim “¡El gato!”

– Play a guessing game by describing an animal and giving your child two choices.  Let your child describe an animal to you too.  For example, “ Which animal lives in a pond?” ¿El perro o el pez? El pez. ¡Muy bien!

Have a great day, full of animal play!

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