Me gusta (I like it.). ¡Me gusta mucho! (I like it a lot!). No me gusta (I don’t like it.). These are common Spanish phrases that are easy to use in many situations with kids. I introduce these phrases during the first few classes, and then for focused practice, I do this simple activity.

I put a variety of food items in a bag: an apple, mustard, an onion, a carrot, chocolate, a hard-boiled egg, etc. I pull one thing out of the bag and say either me gusta, ¡me gusta mucho! or no me gusta. We pass the food around the circle and each person says whether or not she likes it. The children don’t have to know the food vocabulary because having the objects provides the context. The activity is simple and quick, and the children produce natural, correct Spanish. They also tend to speak with lots of expression when they are talking about items they don’t like, or like a lot.

So, raid the refrigerator and the cupboards and have fun speaking Spanish!

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