Color-by-number pictures in Spanish are a simple activity to reinforce color words and numbers for Spanish language learners. Older children can read the colors in the key (1-azul, 2-verde), and teachers or parents can read them to younger children.  As children color the picture, the numbers and colors are repeated.  The Spanish language is reinforced through the activity itself and also through interactions you have with your child as she colors.

From abcteach – 3 color-by-number pictures and several other pictures to color

These are Spanish phrases you might use to do this activity with your child:

¿Qué número es?  Dos? – What number is that?  Two?

El dos es verde.  – Two is green.

Pinta (colorea) de verde esa parte. – Color that part green.

Hay un tres. – There is a three.

El tres es azul. – Three is blue.

Colorea (pinta) de azul dónde está el número tres.  – Color where the three is blue.

You can find other useful vocabulary here: How to draw with your child and speak Spanish.

If you have an older child who likes to draw, she might like making color-by-number pictures for younger siblings or friends.  My oldest daughter enjoyed drawing and over the years made many games and activities for the others. They were learning activities for her and a great help to me!

¡Que tengan un buen fin de semana!   Have a good weekend!

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