Activity calendars in Spanish at two levels to practice language skills.

Today we are sharing our July 2019 activity calendars in Spanish. We also have some wonderful news. This weekend, we welcomed our first grandchild to the world! So, our family Spanish language learning journey is starting again. We are so excited!

The arrival of our granddaughter reminds me how important language exposure is. She hasn’t left the hospital, but she is already hearing Spanish and learning language. Of course, the challenge will be to keep it up in the weeks and years ahead.

It takes work for any family to provide consistent exposure to a minority language. So, our activity calendars give you easy access to short activities. The idea is to make family Spanish doable and enjoyable during the summer months.  Read about the summer slide to learn more about the importance of learning over the summer.

Of course, you can use any of the activities at any time. Check out our Spanish activity calendars from previous years for more fun things to do with kids this summer or anytime.

The activity calendars in Spanish for 2019 and other years have activities for June and July at two levels. Find the June calendars here.

Because kids learn vocabulary at different times, activities at a lower or higher level may work for you. Mix and match to find activities that interest and engage your child.

Spanish Activity Calendars

Use these activity calendars in Spanish to keep developing skills during the summer months.

July 2019 Activity Calendar in Spanish Level 1

Activity Calendar in Spanish Level 2

We hope these activities make it easier for you to read, sing and play in Spanish. As always, we would love to hear how they work for you and which activities are your favorites.

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