Activities for speaking spanish with kids

Speaking Spanish with kids is fun, but it can also be hard to fit into a busy schedule. Use these no-prep activities to get a little more Spanish into your weekend or evening. You can feel good about speaking Spanish with kids and also doing activities they enjoy.

1. Play a counting or math game. Race to fill a cup with any small object, such as small rocks, legos, grapes, small crackers, or mini marshmallows.

For younger kids, roll a die or draw a card (from the number cards of a deck of playing cards) and put that many objects in the cup. The first one to fill their cup wins.

For older kids, add two dice or cards to practice addition. Say addition problems in Spanish this way: 6 más 4, 10 or 6 más 4 igual a 10.
You may want to use a bigger cup if you are doing addition.

2. Listen to Soy libre from the movie Frozen. The words are on the screen.

3. Play this printable 4th of July game. Describe the simple pictures as you are speaking Spanish with kids.

4. Do one of the free 4th of July color-by-number activities in these activity packets from Kids Activities Blog. Cover the English words with labels and write in the Spanish. You can also cut off the English key and make a Spanish one. There are 2 color-by-number activities – a simple one and one that is more difficult.

5. Print this sequence of three simple pictures. For younger kids, cut the pictures apart. Let them put them in order as you talk about what happened. As you are speaking Spanish with kids, use sentences like the ones below. Be sure to point to the picture and use lots of voice expression.  Make the sentences simpler or more complicated depending on the level of your child’s Spanish.

El niño ve una escalera. Quiere subirse.
Se sube a la escalera. Está jugando. ¡Se para en un pie! Es muy peligroso. Se va a caer.
Se cayó. Se lastimó la cabeza. Está triste.

Older kids with more Spanish can write key words or the story.

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