This Spanish song is short, simple and always popular with even my youngest groups. It lends itself to actions that reinforce the words the children are singing including  día, noche, sol, luna, pequeña, mayor, frío, and calor. You can see the actions in the video.

The kind people at Yo canto y bailo está canción have given me permission to embed this video.  The words and a translation follow.

La luna es muy pequeña y el sol es muy mayor.

La luna tiene frío y el sol tiene calor.

La luna sale de noche y el sol sale de día.

A bailar, a bailar, a bailar con la luna y el sol.

A bailar, a bailar, a bailar, a bailar con los dos.


The moon is very small and the sun much bigger.

The moon is cold and the sun is hot.

The moon comes out at night and the sun comes out in the day.

Let’s dance, let’s dance, let’s dance with the moon and the sun.

Let’s dance, let’s dance, let’s dance with both of them.

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