Spanish Valentine activities that are easy to prepare and fun for kids.

Many classes and families celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are 8 easy Spanish Valentine activities to keep kids engaged with language as they think about friendship and the people they love.

We have lots more Spanish Valentine’s activities on Spanish Playground, so be sure the check them out!

Valentine’s Day in Spanish Video

One of the easiest activities you can do is watch this Habla Pamela video about Valentine’s Day in Spanish and then make cards. Use this handy printable list of Spanish Valentine Phrases to make your cards and tell your friends and family how much they mean to you!

Spanish Valentine’s Day Bubble Letter Poster

These Spanish Valentine activities are easy to do in class.

Kids can color the bubble letters in these Valentine words and phrases. You can also download similar posters in color. Take a look at the other versions and ideas for using posters with language learners.

Bubble Letter Spanish Valentine Poster

Spanish Valentine’s Day Word Search

As a rule, I don’t use a lot of word searches, but some kids really enjoy doing them. This Valentine word search has 14 words that are also on the poster above. Read suggestions for adding context to a word search.

Spanish Valentine Word Search

Valentine’s Day Yoga

Yoga can add a calming, thoughtful dimension to Valentine’s Day. Kids Yoga Stories has a post on love and describes a focus breath called the loving kindness breath. Go to the Kids Yoga Stories post for a complete description of the breathing technique.

Use phrases like these to practice the loving kindness breath with your Spanish learner:

Cierra los ojos.
Enfócate en tu respiración.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente contando hasta cinco.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente y piensa en llenarte de amor.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente y piensa en mandar amor y cariño a una persona importante para ti.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente y piensa en mandar amor y cariño a alguien con quien quisieras llevarte mejor.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente y piensa en mandar amor al mundo que te rodea – a los animales, los árboles, los vecinos, la ciudad.
Inhala. Exhala lentamente y piensa en mandar amor a toda la Tierra.
Respira normalmente. Cuando estés lista/listo, abre los ojos.

Spanish Valentine Bingo

Bingo is one of the easy Spanish Valentine activities you can play with language learners.

Bingo is easy to play, and it’s good language learning too. Our printable Spanish bingo for Valentine’s Day has 28 cards with the phrases you find on conversation hearts.

You can also do play bingo with numbers or any other pictures or words and cover the spaces with candy hearts, chocolate kisses or heart shaped tokens.

Spanish Valentine Activities with Conversation Hearts

Spanish Candy Hearts

You can find Spanish candy hearts in lots of stores and online. Play a game where kids stack the hearts and see who can build the highest tower (6 or so usually wins). If you have the patience sort the hearts and give everyone a set of the same hearts, you can call out which to add to the pile. Otherwise, kids can read off the hearts as they stack them.

Printable Spanish Conversation Hearts

Do Spanish Valentine's Day activities with candy hearts or printable pages of conversation hearts.


You can also do this activity with printable Spanish conversation hearts.

Spanish Valentine’s Day Matching Hearts

This printable matching heart game and coloring sheets are by Fun for Spanish Teachers. It is a fun review of colors.

Valentine Phrases Matching Game

These cute hearts with phrases from Multicultural Kid Blogs are intended to be cupcake toppers, but they also make a great matching game if you print two sets. You can make them easier to handle by attaching them to candy or tokens of some kind. This article has sets of cupcake toppers in several different languages.

This post was a part of a monthly series: Easy Spanish-Easy Yoga. At Spanish Playground we are working with Kids Yoga Stories to create activities to teach children Spanish and yoga through basic concepts. We want to give you simple activities, both for Spanish and yoga, that you can work into a busy schedule. In addition to yoga, I’ll mention other language activities you can use with Spanish learners related to the theme of the month. Our theme this month is love.

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Do you have favorite easy activities for Valentine’s Day? We would love to hear about them!

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