Spanish activities for kids

These five Spanish activities for kids take almost no preparation. I asked readers about making sets like this a series of posts on Spanish Playground. The response was very positive, so here is the second set. You may also be interested in the first set of 5 easy Spanish activities for kids.

These activities are very focused, and this one of the features that makes them easy to do with Spanish language learners. They do not depend on teaching a set of new vocabulary. Either they can be adapted to your child’s level, or the new language is supported by actions or pictures so you can jump right in and do them together.

 5 Spanish Activities for Kids

1. Use these sequence cards to talk about how a chick hatches from an egg.
Kids can put them in order and color them. The vocabulary to use with the cards includes la gallina, el nido, el huevo, el pollito and simple sentences like these:
Es una gallina.
Hay un huevo en el nido.
El pollito rompe el cascarón.
El pollito sale del cascarón.
El pollito dice pío, pío, pío.
El pollito come un gusano.
You can also use the sentences to make a mini-book.

2. Listen to and then sing the song Colores by Rosana Conte
The words are on the screen and below. The images support the meaning of the language perfectly and the song is slow enough to sing along once you have heard it once or twice.

3. Print and color a picture of a house. Label the parts of the house.
la ventana – window
la puerta – door
el tejado – roof
la maceta – plant
el buzón – mailbox
el garage – garage
la chimenea – chimney
Make labels for the same parts of a doll house or your own house.

4. Watch this 3-minute video: Kids Learn Spanish | Apples in Spanish. It’s has a fun YouTuber style and kids will understand everything she says!

5. Play the traditional game Mar y tierra. Make a line on the floor with tape, or chalk if you are outside. One side of the line is mar. The other side of the line is tierra. One person calls out mar or tierra and the players jump on the correct side each time they hear the word. You can see a video of kids playing Mar y tierra here. They are jumping on and off a low wall, although traditionally the game is played with a line.

Photo Credit: losmininos via Compfight cc

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