A scavenger hunt in Spanish for kids.

Many of us will be going to fireworks displays this weekend. Here is a printable scavenger hunt in Spanish that kids can do while they are waiting for the fireworks to start.

The scavenger hunt in Spanish has pictures and text. As kids look for the different items, you can use sentences like:
¿Puedes ver una gorra roja?
Muy bien. Encontraste la gorra roja.
Sí, veo la silla también.
Ahora busca una bandera.

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Printable July 4th Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

Scavenger Hunt in Spanish with Pictures and Words for Independence Day

A Spanish scavenger hunt for kids.

Of course, the fireworks display is also a great opportunity to speak Spanish with kids. Here are some of the words and phrases you can use during the fireworks.

Spanish Vocabulary for Fireworks Displays

fireworks – los fuegos artificiales, los cohetes, los pirotécnicos
Pronto van a comenzar los fuegos artificiales. – The fireworks are going to start soon.
¡Qué bonito! – How pretty!
¡Ese fue grande! – That one was really big!
¡Ese me encantó! – I loved that one!
¡Cómo me encantan los cohetes! – I love fireworks!
¡Qué bonito ese con verde (azul, rojo)! – That blue one was so pretty!
¡Ese fue muy alto! – That one went really high!
¡Qué fuerte sonó ese! – That one was really loud!
(No) Me gustó ese ruido. – I liked that noise. / I didn’t like that noise.
Ese parece una palmera/un paraguas/una sombrilla – That one looks like a palm tree/an umbrella
Ese parece una cascada – That one looks like a water fall.
¡Este es el gran final! – This is the grand finale.
Ya se va a terminar. – It’s almost over.

Sparklers are luces de bengala in Mexico and chispitas in Peru. If you are doing sparklers with your kids you might say:
¿Quieres jugar con las luces de bengala / las chispitas? – Do you want to play with sparklers?
Muévela en el aire. – Move it in the air.
Escribe tu nombre. – Write your name.


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