teach Spanish to children map

1. There are 51 million Latinos in the U.S. today, and I want my children to be able to talk to any of them.

2. I want my kids to get the job interview that someone else doesn’t.

3. I want them to understand and appreciate other cultures and their own.

4. I want them to have another perspective on history.

5. I want them to test out of the language requirement in college.

6. I want their travel experiences to be less stressful and more meaningful.

7. By 2050, 30% of the U.S. population will be Latino; I want them to be able to talk to their in-laws, neighbors, bosses, and friends.

8. I have relatives (friends) who speak Spanish, and it’s important to me that my kids can communicate with them.

9. I want them to be able to read the Noble Prize winners for literature in the original.

10. It’s satisfying to be able to order well in Mexican, Cuban, Spanish, Peruvian (etc.) restaurants.

11. Why should they be at a disadvantage?

12. Because reading the subtitles just isn’t the same. Also, it’s so hard to eat and read subtitles.

13. It’s good for their mental development.

14. It’s good for their English vocabulary.

15. So they will score higher on the SAT.

16. I want them to be able to help people here and in other countries.

17. I want them to be able to keep pace with popular culture.

18. It makes learning French, Italian and Portuguese so much easier.

19. It’s fun!

20. Aren’t you?

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