I use background scenes and paper figures for lots of Spanish games and activities. You can find printable scenes online and I have included a few links below. Some have characters, but you can use any figures. You can find more by doing an image search for printable landscape coloring pages.

These are sites with a variety of landscape scenes.

Landscapes in black and white or color. These have descriptive captions in Spanish, but the captions do not print. These landscapes do not fill an entire page when you print, so you can use the space above or below for written activities.

Backyardigans Activity Pack – These print with lines for a writing activity below.

Dora Enchanted Poster Pack  These are meant to joined to make a poster, but several of them work well as individual scenes. I love the figures in the activity pack – especially the dragon!

11 Activities with Printable Scenes

1. Draw figures into scene or use stickers and talk about what is happening as you draw.

2. Print the same scene several times to use as the setting for a story. Your child can add stickers or draw in characters. Staple the pages together to make a wordless book that your child can read to you.

3. Use the printables as scenery for a puppet show. Put the scene on the side of an empty cereal box. You can put a different scene on each side. Use straws or popsicle sticks to make paper figures into puppets or use printable finger puppets. The finger puppets that go around a child’s finger also stand up, so they are great for lots of imaginative play.

4. Give children a landscape and small cut-outs. Give instructions for placing the figures in the background.

5. Add photos to the scene. Children can put a picture of themselves onto the background. This can be a conversation activity or kids can write a caption describing what the place is like and what they are doing there.

6. Make a puzzle. Glue a scene that has some details onto cardboard from a cereal box then cut it into pieces. As your child puts the puzzle together, talk about what you see on the pieces.

7. Use the scene as the board for a board game. Print it, make a trail and color some of the spaces different colors. Put it on the side of a cereal box. Make game cards for the colors using the vocabulary in the scene. For example, a card might say Señala un árbol or ¿Dónde vive un pez?. You can also have cards that say hacia adelante dos casillas, hacia atrás tres casillas, un turno sin tirar, tira otra vez etc. I store the cards in the box.

8. Play a barrier game. Print two copies of the scene, characters and objects, one set for each player. Put something between the two players so they cannot see each other’s picture. One person gives instructions about where to put the cut-outs on the background. Then the players compare to see if they have made the same picture.

9. Label the features of the landscape. Use the words to write sentences and put them in an open space on the picture.

10. In the open space, copy or glue a poem that relates to the scene. You can find lots of children’s poems in Spanish on the website Garabata.

11. Make a cartoon by adding characters and conversation bubbles (globitos or bocadillos in Spanish). Write in what the characters are saying or thinking.

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