Play these Spanish matching games with plastic eggs.

Plastic eggs are an easy, hands-on way to play Spanish matching games. You can make the activities more effective by using the inside of the egg too. Put a picture or object in the egg to reinforce the language written on the outside.

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Spanish Matching Games

1. Match initial letter sounds to pictures of objects. Here is a printable of alphabet picture cards with pictures for each letter. You can cut out the pictures and tape them to one half of the egg. Write the letters on the other half.

2. Match uppercase and lowercase letters to practice the letter names in Spanish. You can talk about letter sounds too by putting a picture with that initial sound inside the egg. Use the picture cards mentioned above.

3. Match numbers to number words. Get more practice with numbers by counting out the correct number of small objects, like dried beans or jelly beans, to put in  the eggs.

4. Match opposites.  I put the words on the two halves and cut out images that represent the words to put in the eggs. You can use some of the pictures in this picture search, Los antónimos, for this activity. Kids first find the image that matches each word. This reinforces the meaning. Then, they search for the opposite image and word. They put the two pictures inside the egg. When they are done, to review they can separate the eggs and match them to the two pictures again. If the words are fairly new, you can start with the eggs together with the pictures inside. Another way to play is to put the eggs together wrong and put any two pictures inside. Kids work to sort out the eggs and the pictures.

Use plastic eggs to play Spanish games for kids.

5. Match parts of compound words. Use words like sacapuntas, baloncesto, abrelatas, girasol, lavaplatos, malhumor, mediodía, medianoche, matamoscas, trabalenguas, pasatiempo, pelirrojo.

6. Match pictures to words. Use stickers or tape pictures to one half and write the word on the other.

7. Match rhyming words. You can put pictures in the eggs to reinforce the meaning of the words. Find a set of picture cards of rhyming words that you can cut out here: Printable Spanish Cards – Rhyming Words from Spanish Playground

8. Form words with syllables. Write consonant-vowel pairs on each half of the egg. Use syllables for words like va-ca, ga-to, pe-rro, me-sa, si-lla, ta-za, ca-ma, ca-sa. Be prepared for kids to make words that you had not thought of – syllables in Spanish can be combined in many ways!

9. Match subject pronouns to verb forms.

10. Put a simple math problem on one half of the egg and the answer on the other. Kids can put the correct number of beans in each egg for extra counting practice.

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