10 Facebook pages with resources for teaching Spanish

Social media can be an effective way to connect with other teachers and parents and find inspiration for teaching language to kids. There are many Facebook pages with Spanish teaching resources. The content of these pages varies a lot. For example, I use the Spanish Playground Facebook page to compile very practical resources – material that I can easily draw on for a lesson. I do not post much in the way of research or general articles, but I really appreciate friends who do. It occurred to me that I should share a few of the Facebook pages with Spanish resources that I turn to repeatedly for ideas, information and support. Please add your recommendations in comments!

Fun for Early and Elementary Spanish Teachers  has great resources and discussions. I love the involved community and all the good ideas!

Orientacion Andujar is the Facebook page for the website of the same name. Teachers from Andújar, Spain share a wide variety of resources for teaching children.

Recursos educativos is the page associated with DiarioEducacion.com. They share their own teaching materials and other resources from around the web.

Cantoalegre is a wonderful source for music and general inspiration. Their Facebook page is a useful way to discover what is new on Musicalibre.com, their website of free resources. It also helps you stay in touch with this amazing organization.

Mommy Maestra is the Facebook page of Mónica Olivera’s blog by the same name. Mónica is a homeschooling latina and shares a wealth of resources related to education and raising bilingual kids.

Señora Speedy is an elementary Spanish teacher in Kentucky. She shares lots of practical, fun suggestions on her Facebook page and blog.

Bilingual Monkeys is the Facebook page for Adam Beck’s blog by the same name. Adam is a teacher raising bilingual children in Japan. He consistently offers creative, effective ideas for language learning. His page is not specifically dedicated to Spanish learning, but the suggestions and inspiration can be applied to any language.

Educapeques shares a large selection of authentic language materials.

Practicamos español posts materials for a variety of ages. Much of what they share can be used with kids.

Multicultural Kid Blogs shares posts from member bloggers all over the world. Many of these articles have to do with education and language learning specifically. There is also lots of information about world cultures. This is a great resource!

Now it’s your turn. Please share your favorite Facebook pages with us!

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