Summer Reading Program Resources

Spanish summer reading program resources
Here you will find everything you need for the summer reading program. New activities will be added throughout the summer months. You can use these summer reading program resources all year long!

A log to record books read during the summer reading program.

Summer reading program resources include this bingo card reading challenge for Spanish summer reading.

Summer reading program resources include tips to help kids get more out of reading.

Spanish Summer reading log for kids

  • Write-in-Titles Progress Sheet – Kids can see how much they have read in Spanish with this second book log. This progress sheet is designed so they can write in titles and keep track of favorite books if they like.

This reading challenge encourages kids to read different types of text.

These printable Spanish bookmarks encourage kids to read in their second language.

  • Printable Spanish Bookmarks– These bookmarks celebrate reading and encourage kids to read more. They are black and white so kids can add their own color, decorations and style.

A Spanish story with figures of the characters.

  • El oso y las abejas – A story with figures of the characters for telling, retelling and creating new stories. There are three versions on printable PDFs at three different levels. This story makes a good final activity/reward for summer reading.

A certificate to recognize Spanish reading.   A certificate to recognize reading in Spanish.

New Stories and Reading Activities on Spanish Playground

The following resources have been added this summer. You can find many more on the Spanish Reading Resources for Kids page.

Trees in Spanish: Readings with Activities – A selection of online stories and activities for pictures books at different levels.

La ardilla – A poem with printable activities.

Printable Mini-Book from Fun for Spanish Teachers

Spanish Stories about Armadillos – A printable reading and activity along with stories to read online or print.

Spanish Summer Activity Book – A printable activity book for beginning Spanish learners.

5 Free Spanish iBooks for Kids – Free e-books at several different levels.

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