Summer Reading Program Registration

A Spanish summer reading program to motivate kids to read during the summer months.

The 2016 Spanish Playground Summer Reading Program was a great success! Over 4000 children participated by reading in Spanish so they could start school in the fall with stronger language skills. Join us for Spanish reading during the summer of 2017.

Spanish Summer Reading Program Resources

These resources are useful all year long! Find books and activities to keep kids reading.

Summer Reading Program Links and Downloads
Book Lists – Online and Print

The Spanish Summer Reading Program is based on the model used by public libraries. Summer is a time to explore new books, re-read old favorites and most important, enjoy reading! We will suggest books and online resources, and we will help motivate children to read. Kids, with help from their families or teachers, choose books that interest them. Children benefit from all reading in Spanish! See our Spanish Summer Reading Program FAQ for more information.

Spanish Summer Reading Program

  • The program is free.
  • The online summer reading program runs May 15 – August 1. Join any time during the summer.
  • The program is for children of all ages. Kids do not have to be able to read in Spanish to participate. Families and educators can read to children and share Spanish through rhymes, songs and games.
  • Participants receive
    • A printable log for kids to color to show the number of Spanish books they have read.
    • Book-related activities and fun all summer long.
    • Tips for parents and educators to help them make reading enjoyable and effective.
    • Book lists and online reading resources.
    • A certificate of achievement and a final digital download reward.
    • Automatic entry into our giveaway of Spanish and bilingual books and music.

Reading is its own reward, but we want to recognize the effort that kids put into reading in Spanish. We also never miss an opportunity to give kids a little more language! Everyone in the summer reading program will receive a certificate of achievement and a fun digital download. All participants will also be entered automatically to win one of 5 packages of Spanish and bilingual books and music.

A huge thank you to our 2016 summer reading program sponsors!

summer reading program collage row 1 700A Spanish summer reading program for kids.

Research shows that reading helps prevent summer learning loss. This is especially true for language learners! Children need to read in both their dominant and second languages. By reading, kids can maintain and even improve their language skills during the summer months. We encourage you to also participate in the summer reading program at your local library.

Spanish Summer Reading Program Resources

Summer Reading Program Links and Downloads
Book Lists – Online and Printable

Spanish Summer Reading Program Team

Carolyn Vidmar is the Summer Reading Program Coordinator on Spanish Playground.

Carolyn Vidmar is the Summer Reading Program Coordinator. She has a Masters degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Library & Information Studies. Now a public librarian in Wisconsin, Carolyn has worked for several libraries and nonprofit organizations, including the Cooperative Children’s Book Center in Madison, Wisconsin. She is an active member of the Young Adult Library Services Association and a member of the Read On Wisconsin Advisory Board, a statewide literacy program that partners with schools and libraries to promote quality literature for children and teens.

Graphic designer for Spanish summer reading program

Anthony D. Robinson is a graphic artist based in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the talent behind our darling armadillo mascot and other summer reading program materials. You can find his work at

The Spanish summer reading program mascot is an armadillo.