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This set of power point presentations with Spanish vocabulary for first grade is from the website Programa de Doble Inmersión de Primer Grado. You can find the link at end of this post.  Some of the presentations have audio, while others just have text on the screen that you can read to your child. Most of the presentations use the vocabulary in context, with full sentences and pictures. There are a few exceptions, like Espantapájaros which has Halloween vocabulary with individual words and pictures. Sonidos iniciales also just has words and pictures, but the focus is on letter sounds and the words and letter sounds are pronounced with a fun rhythm.

Unfortunately, the presentations do not expand to full screen. Still, they are a useful collection of basic vocabulary, most of it presented in context.

These are the topics of the presentations:

Nuestra comunidad
Los estados de la materia
Espantapájaros  (Halloween vocabulary)
Sonidos iniciales – con audio
Bono el mono llega a primer grado (Reglas para la escuela. The text is missing the “a” in the structure aprender a + infinitive.)
Mis cinco sentidos
Amo a Memo – con audio
En la granja
Los animales de la granja
Las monedas
Las manzanas – con audio
Los animales corrieron al zoológico – con audio
Los trabajadores de nuestra comunidad – con audio
Sílabas con la letra a – con audio
Los pollitos

Link to Spanish Vocabulary for First Grade

Power Point Presentations from Programa de Doble Inmersión

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